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GKH selected nascent to reposition and differentiate the firm. We began by undertaking a comprehensive competitor audit, benchmarking the websites of leading local and global law firms. Existing and potential customer interviews added perspective and understanding of the user journey undertaken in selecting a law firm. Partner interviews ensured a clear picture of the firm's growth drivers and development roadmap.

Through the design and development of a new website, we ensured that GKH secure its status as one of the leading, full service law firms in the country. We did so by exposing its strengths in technology and cross border transactions, and by putting client needs front and center. Literally.
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web design


site schematic design

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After establishing a set of defining principals about the site's messaging hierarchy, the schematics were developed to simplify the complexity inherent in large legal firms, with some 110 lawyers, deep archives of published articles, news, CSR and pro bono work.

telescopic text

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A technology we named 'telescopic text' was utilized both on the homepage and across key site texts.
Its ability to expand and contract the amount and type of content being shown, with one click, made it invaluable in both conveying the firms innovative approach and technological 'chops', while also putting technology at the service of the site's visitors.

By enabling them to quickly and effectively find out about the firms disciplines and specific lawyer profiles right from the homepage, the site reflects and communicates the firms service oriented approach.

photographing for human connection

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Despite the complex logistics involved in photographing over 100, extremely busy lawyers in 1 week, complete with lighting and make-up, we created an image library of the office and its staff, which proved to be one of the keys to the site's success, both internally and externally.

By moving beyond the traditional, stark head shots so typical of 'large firms', GKH lawyers were shown in comfortable surroundings, which brought out their softer side and communicated their client centered sensibility. After all, building trust is all about interpersonal skills and relationships.

the marker was selected as the best legal firm website in Israel by TheMarker, Israel's leading business daily.

website pages

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Site pages were designed to be simple and accessible, while utilizing the 'telescopic text' to minimize or maximize the amount of content presented, based on each individual vistor's preferences.


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