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Greenroad. improving driver behavior.

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Greenroad, a high profile startup, backed by investors including Virgin Green Fund, Benchmark and Generation Investment Management, where former US Vice President Al Gore is a partner, selected nascent to rebrand the company, as it transitioned from its R&D phase into a sales driven, customer focused organization.

Together with Greenroad’s US based marketing team, nascent redesigned the corporate logo, developed a set of marketing tools, renamed the company’s flagship software platform and created a new corporate website.


In a highly competitive process including top Silicon Valley firms, we selected nascent to guide and implement a major upgrade in our brand identity, web site and entire suite of collateral. nascent employed a careful strategic process and competitive analysis to ensure its creative approach supported and even enhanced our business strategy. Unlike larger firms where the senior partner sells you and inexperienced associates do the work, nascent consistently employs an experienced and balanced team of senior partners and experienced professionals. They are not shy about sharing their expertise either; they have on many occasions shaped or changed my mind for the better. Most importantly they are focused on results and customer satisfaction, no matter what it takes.

Eric Weiss, SVP Worldwide Marketing

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logo development

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The Greenroad logo and Avatar were a refinement of the original design, created by one of the company's original founders. The logo underwent a simplification and modernization process, and the word mark was emphasized by adding small caps on the G and R for better legibility.

marketing collateral

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Greenroad's marketing collateral was designed to be friendly and accessible for a wide variety of customers including fleet managers, drivers and C-level corporate decision makers. The predominant use of the Greenroad Pantone, makes the collateral instantly recognizable and highly memorable.


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A series of infographics were developed to communicate the company's values, benefits and 360 degree approach to driving safety.

site schematics

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Detailed schematics were created to define the site's key functionality, user flows and content hierarchy's, all in support of the company's key information and messaging.


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The website was designed around a simple and consistent grid, making information delivery both accessible and consistent for a wide variety of audience types, including clients, partners, drivers, individuals and the press.


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