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Rapaport is the world's leading diamond information services group. Responsible for setting and communicating global diamond prices, the Rapaport Group spans news, broadcast, online and print media.

nascent was selected to rebrand the group and unify its image and message across multiple media platforms. The brand team worked closely with the group management to learn the company’s rich heritage of diamond industry innovation, and its central role in the development of the Kimberly Process and of ethical diamond sourcing.

Our task: to create a systematic approach to brand management within the group, align existing brand assets and shape new service delivery platforms for superior customer engagement.


nascent worked with us, side by side, performing a strategic review of our company’s products and services, defining the key elements that make up our brand. Creating a unique logo and systematic sub-logo system that could be applied across our product lines.

nascent assisted us in differentiating our products while maintaining the overall brand identity that has been key for the multi-national, multi-product nature of the company.

nascent also designed a new corporate website that, when implemented, will be a cohesive platform for all our products and services to take our company to the next level.
Martin Rapaport, Chairman
Rapaport Group
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brand identity

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Brand identity for the Rapaport Group focused on the development of a comprehensive brand system. Our goal was to create a brand flexible enough to accommodate rapid growth, but consistent enough to identify and coexist with the multiple sub-brands, products and services. The result: a rationalized brand architecture, naming conventions and an extensible sub-brand system.

visual brand language

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Rapaport's visual brand language focused on the strength of the written word, implemented through bold typography and high-contrast brand colors, designed for maximum impact. The language is pared down to an almost harsh minimalism, reflecting the company's brand personality, where directness and 'telling it like it is' are key traits.
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Designed for extreme flexibility, the .com portal is a feat of information architecture. Totaling over 50 unique template types, each product, service and information silo was created after intensive discussion, persona development and multiple user interviews.
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website components



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Based on months of user interviews, detailed business understanding and a user centric design approach, the portal was designed to be the industry standard for global diamond information, news, services and a gateway to multiple Rapaport products and services.


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